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Trends in Digital Business Cards 2022

Trends in Digital Business Card

Are you still sharing paper visiting cards with your connections? Let us tell you what you are doing wrong-
Limiting your prospects to know you better

  • Not leveraging smart technologies
  • Hurting the environment
  • Going with an expensive option


Modern business cards are virtual and smart! These digital business cards work as tiny websites where you can showcase your work, your contact details, your vision, and your strengths in the most unique ways possible.

Before starting to create your first digital business card, let us introduce you to top trends in digital visiting cards that are going to take over the market in 2022.

Top 5 Trends in Digital Business Cards

1. Business Card With Qr Code

The latest trend in virtual business cards is the QR code. These QR codes can be redirected to either websites or social media profiles or even e-payment getaways. QR codes are super easy to scan and initiate the payment process.

2. Business Card With Logo & Photo

Gone are the days when business cards were boring and monotonous. Now the trend says that e visiting cards have options to put a business logo as well as your own picture. You can treat it as a portfolio that is sorted, clean, and allows your network to connect you in one click.

3. Business Card With Social Media Links

Yes, you read that right! You can now link your social media accounts to your visiting cards and welcome your professional network to be a part of your social world and explore your social deeds.

4. Mobile-Friendly

Needless to say that maximum digital visiting cards are accessed on mobile devices. Hence, having an e-visiting card that is easily accessible on smartphones is a must. With mobile-friendly, it should also be user-friendly i.e. the receiver should be able to explore more about you in a hassle-free manner. Hence, platforms that offer digital business card links, as well as PDF versions, are more preferred.

5. Description

Make sure you select a platform that allows you to describe your work profile in a short para. This can be a great opportunity to impress your prospects and engage them to convert the leads. This also is a great opportunity to showcase your creativity.


Now that you know all the trends in business cards, let us introduce you to the perfect digital visiting card platform, tribed.me. tribed.me is a smart virtual business card platform that allows users to create their own e-visiting cards in a few minutes with ready-to-use templates and amazing features. The platform enables you to incorporate website links, multiple social media links, QR codes for payments, company logo, your profile picture, your contact information, name, and finally an option to describe your work in short. In a nutshell, tribed.me (https://tribed.me/) is a platform where all the digital business card trends in 2022 are present in 2021!