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Traditional Visiting Card vs Digital Visiting Card

Tradistional VS Digital Business Card

We believe visiting cards are the mini-websites!

Gone are the days when business persons used to offer visiting cards to their connections that had brand name, logo, & contact details. Visiting cards are now more than a medium of letting people reach you.

Digitization is taking over the world and can be seen everywhere. Right from the way restaurants offer menu cards to traffic violation tickets, everything is digitized. The revolutionary changes in every sector expect people to see something unique and new in visiting cards as well. Let’s see which one wins; traditional or digital visiting card?


Personal Touch:

It feels good when someone offers their visiting card with both their hands (visiting card etiquette!) and asks us to contact them if we need these services. This is a good way of building strong connections with people.

A paper visiting card helps people recall the meeting with the person and delivers a sense of personal connection with a tangible reminder. Digital business cards lack the sense of personal connection since the personal meetings, talks, & handshakes are completely missing.



One of the primary advantages of digital business cards is that they are extremely easy to access and allow people to contact others with a single click. Unlike paper business cards, users can simply open the digital card, click on the contact us link and start the conversation.

Be it accessing a person’s website, calling them, dropping them an email, or even getting connected with them on social media; digital cards win the accessibility point!


Card’s Life Duration:

As per a report, 90% of the paper visiting cards are thrown away and end up in scrap. Many people tend to misplace their cards and lose their contact details.

The fundamental objective of visiting cards is to allow people to connect with you as well as recall your brand identity every time they see your card. The life duration of digital cards is way longer than traditional business cards.



You can always leverage different embedded functions and features into the digital card. Where traditional business cards have various feature limitations, virtual business cards allow users to connect with you in a couple of clicks, check out your social media profiles & website, and even pay you through an e-business card! With comprehensive solutions & amazing features, virtual business cards win the features point!



Though digital cards come with fixed templates that are unique and attractive, you can always redesign and put in a lot of creativity in traditional visiting cards. Many businesses choose to use a unique design, colors, quirky messages, and much more.

Have you ever printed thousands of cards and had to reprint the cards after a few months because of your changed address or contact number? But you can easily edit the details in virtual cards anytime you want.

Let’s take an example. Have you ever kept a card and never threw it away even though it’s of no use anymore? That’s probably because of the amazing design or unique copy written on the card. Digital business cards lack customizability and come with many design & format limitations.



There are plenty of digital business card platforms like tribed.me. In such platforms, designing a professional business card and downloading it requires very little time as well as cost. The best part is that once you download a digital card, you can distribute it to thousands of people and need not pay a single penny extra.

Let’s continue the above example. How feasible would it be to reprint all the cards for a single change in the card?


CRM Integration:

Think about the time and efforts you can save if your connections start sharing their digital business cards instead of paper business cards. Transforming contact information of your contacts from paper visiting cards to spreadsheets manually and integrating that data with CRM is a tedious and time-consuming process.

To avoid such time-consuming tiring tasks, digital business cards are taking over the market! You can simply integrate the card’s details and get started with email marketing campaigns.


Environment Friendly:

Did you know that 7 million trees are cut down each year to produce paper business cards?

Considering the drastic & disastrous changes in the climate and global environment, innovation should go hand in hand with environmental safety. Digital visiting cards require no paper and are not at all harmful to the environment.



Let’s flow with the wind and get all digitized! Digitization is the new world and your digital business card can help you stand out from the competition! Allow your contacts and prospects to contact you in a hassle-free manner and boost your personal branding game! Click here to start- tribed.me