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Top 5 Event Discovery Apps in India

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To retain in any business and industry, having a strong network of like-minded professionals is extremely important. You get to learn a lot from your colleagues, friends, mentors, and seniors. Is it enough to enhance your professional skills? No! Bigger the network, the better you get in your work and the higher are the chances of attracting quality prospects.

There is a long list of benefits of attending events and some are explained here. In a nutshell, events can be a source of finding new prospects, mentors, friends, and most importantly learning the latest & exciting updates about your industry.

If your motto is to attract new customers, you can enroll in any event; be it a corporate or fun event and outreach to a better and wider audience. If you are one of those who look forward to such events but are always unaware of the amazing events happening around you? If yes, then keep reading and explore amazing event discovery apps that will keep you updated about your city events.

5 Best Mobile Event Apps

1. Book My Show

Book My Show is a popular online movie and event booking application in India. Though the app is widely used to explore nearby movies and book tickets online, it is also popular for the listing of amazing events happening around the city. As per your interest, you can explore the events and proceed with online booking. Make sure the events you enroll in are of your interest and have a crowd that has the potential of being your customer.

2. All Events In City

Another popular live event app in India. The app has categorized types of events as Corporate, Concerts, Exhibitions, Food & Drinks, Meetups, Parties, Sports, Health & Wellness, etc. You also get to explore global events on All Events In City. You can look out for apps related to your profession and meet like-minded people to enrich your network.

3. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is one of the best current event apps where you can explore virtual events and enroll online. The application allows you to search for your specific interest and connect with a wide audience. Be it a corporate event or a party, you can seek some opportunities to connect with the target audience and explain to them about your work or business or product, or service.

4. Meetup

Meetup is of its kind mobile event app where you can explore different groups of people with similar interests. You can select the group as per your choice and track the next event happening with that group. The groups are categorized as travel groups, writers’ groups, programmers’ groups, startup groups, filmmakers’ groups, and much more. The best part about the app is that you get to see how many people are members of the group, their next planned activities, etc. Depending on your schedule and interest, you can meet new people and expand your network.

5. Paytm Insider

Paytm’s sister application is popularly known as Insider. The app allows you to find events with different genres such as workshops, courses, theaters, kids’ events, etc. The events are categorized into two types of events such as ‘step out & stay in’. Stay-in type of events are all about virtual events where you need not attend the venue in real life but get to connect with interesting people of similar interests.

There are a lot of other similar networking apps for events. After reading this blog, we are sure you are going to download a couple of applications from the above-mentioned list and start networking with people. To help you meet new people and share your details with them in a smart way, tribed.me can help. tribed.me has a variety of amazing templates and unique features where you can share your details, introduce yourself in a unique way, allow receivers to explore & connect with you on social media platforms, and much more.

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