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Tips & Places to Make Your Networking Game Strong

Places to Make Your Networking Game Strong

Networking is necessary! To get a good job, to have connections you can reach out to in your bad time, or to enrich your business, networking can help you a lot.

For some, networking is as easy as talking to close friends but for some, it can be a tough task! Talking to strangers, explaining to them your job profile or business, impressing them with your amazing work, and encouraging them to contact you; can be overwhelming for a lot of people.

There is an easy way you can ease the networking process- digital business cards! A smartly designed digital business card allows you to explain your business/work in an interesting way.

Wonder which platform to use to create a digital business card? You can create your first virtual business card with tribed.me in less than 5 minutes! The platform allows you to design, fill details, attach photos, and generate unique card link + PDF in the most convenient way.

You can select from a variety of templates to create your digital business card and even add links to your personal/work social media accounts. Creating and sharing a virtual business card with tribed.me is super easy.

To create is not enough but you must know where you can meet people with whom you can share the cards. To be honest, you can consider any place as the best place to network and an opportunity for networking activities. But to be precise, we have listed down a few places you can make your networking game strong at.

Top 5 Best Places to Network

1. Business Events

Business events like seminars, conferences, product launches, expos, exhibitions, etc. are not only about learning industry trends but also about networking and meeting potential prospects. You can either attend your office events or get to know about such interesting business events on different local event websites.

You can share the PDF version of your card or forward the link to the card and share it with people you wish to work with or work for.

2. Cultural Events

India is a country of varied cultures! Attending cultural events not only takes you closer to your traditions and helps you understand your culture but also helps you network with people you share the culture with. A similar cultural factor works amazingly in India and can get you some lifetime leads.

3. Social Activities

Social activities can be in the form of helping needy, different Abhiyans by the Government of India, disseminating about global warming, raising awareness about any social cause, etc. All these activities can not only allow you to help society become a better place to live in but also connect you with other activists & volunteers.

There are many elite business entrepreneurs who actively participate in social causes. Along with offering help to society, you can also help your business rise and enhance.

4. Social Media

Social media is a place where people love sharing their thoughts, their views, their opinions, their ideas, and most importantly connecting with other people. Next time you send a sales pitch or a simple connection request message to someone on LinkedIn / Facebook / Instagram, you can attach your virtual visiting card and let the person understand your work better. You can come with such unique virtual speed networking ideas for all social media platforms.

5. Clubs

It is a myth that clubs are for the elite group of society! There are many clubs where you can join in and meet interesting people and expand your network. Did you know that there are also some popular virtual clubs you can be a part of? Consider joining such clubs for sports, networking, and fitness!


Networking might look difficult but it can be a fun thing if done properly. So let’s revise. The first thing you need to do is create a stunning virtual business card with tribed.me. Then you can participate in different events and optimize your social media access to leverage the benefits of networking. Click here to start creating your digital visiting card today.