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How to Create a Stunning Digital Visiting Card With tribed.me?

Create Stunning Digital Visiting Card

Digital is the new Air and ‘everything digital’ is the new Cool!

Right from digital menu cards to digital resumes, people prefer everything on their phones instead of papers. So why not share your visiting cards in a modern way?

Gone are the days of traditional paper visiting cards. Digital business cards have taken over the market and people are super happy with it. Here’s why

We all know how impressive and important digital business cards are but the question is how to design a stunning digital card that will stand out from others.

First thing’s first. Selecting the right platform for your free online business card layout is the most crucial task. Make sure you select the platform that allows you to customize your card as per your requirements and offers unique as well as vital features.

Some of the Important Features to Look For in a Digital Business Card Platform:

  • Amazing Templates
  • Easy to Create
  • No Coding Required
  • Unique Features
  • Link + PDF Availability
  • Easy to Share

Let us cut down the hustle and help you find the best digital visiting / business card platform of 2021- tribed.me.

tribed.me’s virtual business cards are super convenient to design and even a seasoned designer or a total novice can create stunning business cards. Following is the step-by-step guide to creating an aesthetically pleasing digital visiting card design in merely 5-10 minutes.

How to Create a Free Digital Visiting Card Design That Is Smart and Attracts Some Eyeballs With tribed.me?

1. Select a Design Layout-

Land on the platform, tribed.me and click on the Create button. Here you can see that the platform offers multiple amazing templates suitable for highly professional as well as casual creative cards. Explore all the templates and select the one you find suitable for your requirements.

2. Fill in the details-

As simple as filling an online form! Fill up various details that are going to get highlighted on the virtual card;

  1. Email ID: Always mention your work email ID
  2. Primary Phone Number: Make sure you enter your WhatsApp number for convenience
  3. Full Name: You can always bring in uniqueness and write your name in an interesting way.
  4. Designation: Be clear and wrap it up in short for the receiver’s convenience.
  5. Company Name: Pro tip- If you own or are associated with multiple companies, you can simply offer your Linktree link.
  6. A Small Brief of Your Services or Work: Here’s an opportunity to be creative! If you are a copywriter, you can write something that describes exactly what you can do for the prospects. Ex- I write copy that connects brands with people.
  7. Company Website Link
  8. Office Address (You Can Also Provide Google Map Link)
  9. Social Media Links: tribed.me allows you to link 11 social media platforms including some major such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  10. Upload Logo: Make sure you upload an HD image.
  11. Upload Profile Pic: We recommend adding an HD photo of yours at work to add credibility.
  12. Upload QR Code: This amazing feature allows you to add QR codes for your website, payment, etc.

Note: you can always preview your card by clicking on the ‘eye’ icon and change the design anytime you want while filling in the form.

3. Creating Link-

In this stage, users are supposed to create links for their virtual business cards. Since the link cannot be edited once submitted, make sure you make no spelling errors. Also, the platform has offered a small tip that helps the user. The tips suggest adding name + designation while creating the link. Ex- sagar-creativehead or sagar-branding-expert.

4. Download the PDF-

Once you create the link, you can save it and share it across your contacts. But what’s more amazing is the PDF version of your card. Sharing a PDF of your virtual business card against a link embeds personal touch and is super easy to access & share.

In just 4 steps, you are ready to share your stunning card in a contactless virtual way. Having a virtual / digital business card enriches your professional networking and helps in attracting quality prospects.

Now design your own digital visiting card with tribed.me and let us know your experience.