Trends in Digital Business Card

Trends in Digital Business Cards 2022

Are you still sharing paper visiting cards with your connections? Let us tell you what you are doing wrong- Limiting your prospects to know you better Not leveraging smart technologies Hurting the environment Going with an expensive option   Modern business cards are virtual and smart! These digital business cards work as tiny websites where […]
share digital business card

6 Amazing Ways to Share Your Digital Business Card

Everything Digital is the new Mantra! Right from online payment to online jobs, people are more comfortable doing everything online in a super-fast way. In such a scenario, why not have a smart, cool, & digital way of introducing yourself and your business? If you wonder how to design & share a digital business card, […]
Tradistional VS Digital Business Card

Traditional Visiting Card vs Digital Visiting Card

We believe visiting cards are the mini-websites! Gone are the days when business persons used to offer visiting cards to their connections that had brand name, logo, & contact details. Visiting cards are now more than a medium of letting people reach you. Digitization is taking over the world and can be seen everywhere. Right […]