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6 Amazing Ways to Share Your Digital Business Card

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Everything Digital is the new Mantra! Right from online payment to online jobs, people are more comfortable doing everything online in a super-fast way. In such a scenario, why not have a smart, cool, & digital way of introducing yourself and your business?

If you wonder how to design & share a digital business card, keep reading to get the answer. First thing first. You need to design a stunning virtual business card that must have all your essential details to enable the receiver to know you better.

You can design an amazing virtual business card with tribed.me and start smartly outreaching your prospects. The digital business card platform has amazing design templates and unique features making your virtual business card look different.

You can mention your email address, contact number, name, company logo, profile picture, designation, company name, a small description of your work, your website link, office address, map link, social media links, and QR codes for easy & quick payments.

With all these options available, you can easily create your virtual visiting card in less than 5 minutes. But what to do once you create one? How do you share it? Below is the answer.

6 Amazing Ways to Share Your Digital Business Card

1. Email

Let me ask you a question first. Do you have an email signature? An email signature is the most amazing way to convey your details to prospects. But every email signature has limitations. Ideally, you can add designation, contact number, website link, & address.

Here’s an opportunity to let the receiver know you better. You can add the PDF version of your virtual business card at the bottom of your email as an email signature. Receivers can simply download the PDF and get to know you in detail.

2. Social Media

We all use social media for fun, to connect with friends, make new friends, and most importantly to flourish our business/profession. Do you enjoy sharing details of your work on your personal social media account? Do you have your clients & colleagues connected with you on social media? Then this is a great opportunity for you to spread the word of your work in a unique way.

You can simply mention your virtual business card link created by tribed.me in your social media bio and keep everyone updated. With just one click, your connections can explore your work in detail.

3. Portfolio

Portfolios are one of the most uncommon sources you can share your digital business card with. Along with your professional work details, you don’t usually get a chance to share other details. This chasm can be bridged by attaching a virtual visiting card.

4. Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a commonly used medium for sharing digital visiting cards. While reaching out to your prospects through WhatsApp, you can draft a formal message pitching your business services and share digital business cards.

You can also share your digital business card for WhatsApp on different groups you are added to and ask your friends/contacts to share your card to outreach to more and more people.

5. Website

If you are there on your company website with your other colleagues, you can spice it up by adding more details about yourself. Instead of writing there on the website, you can simply attach a link to download your card’s PDF version. This is a cool way for letting people know about your professional, personal, & social life.

6. Events

Attending business events can be food for your business. Where you get to learn the latest trends and updates about your industry & get to meet experts from different industries, you also get to connect with prospects and expand your network.

At such events, you can exchange your digital visiting cards and let people understand your profile, your business, and generate leads in the most promising way!


Before you share your digital business cards with your prospects, you must make sure that you have designed a perfect card suitable for your business and have mentioned all details in it. At tribed.me, you can select from multiple templates and either get the PDF + Link or simply a Link to your card. Click here to create your new virtual business card and share it with your network.