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4 Rules to Follow to Design an Effective Digital Business Card

Effective Digital Business Card

Having a strong network is everything in every business. To flourish your business or to get the right job, it is important to have elite connections who will help you grow professionally. To connect with such people, it is important to have a medium to connect. In this world of social media and online networking, allowing someone to spare time to understand your work is crucial. This can be easily achieved with a structured & strategized digital business card. Designing a stunning digital business card has multiple perks and amazing benefits, condition is to follow certain ground rules that will help you create an effective digital business card.

4 Rules to Follow to Design an Effective Digital Business Card

1. Keep It Short

A digital business card is your entire career displayed on a short page. Let me put it this way. If you are a successful entrepreneur with 20 years of experience, I ask you to introduce yourself in only 40 words! You would make sure to mention the most crucial information and credibility to wrap up in fewer words as well as establish a strong impression.

Similarly, for creating the best business card, make sure you keep it short and add the most vital details. Not to forget to add primary contact details. People prefer accessing short and main information instead of lengthy details.

2. Add Vital Information on the Top

I told you what to put in the entire card. Now let me tell you what should be the right sequence

  1. Your Image- It builds trust when people can see your face.
  2. Brand Name- Your business’s or company’s name to be put on top.
  3. Name, Designation, Work Areas, & Description- Gives a brief about your work.
  4. All Possible Contact Details- Allows receivers to contact you with a click.
  5. Social Media Links- Let them know you better.
  6. QR Code for Payment- Allow them to pay you right away for your product/service.

3. Consider Your Audience While You Design

You know your audience better. Understand who you wish to target or connect with. Depending on your target audience’s preferences, you can aptly design the card.

It also depends on your own profession. Say you are a graphic designer, people will expect amazing, colorful, & aesthetic cards that will reflect your skills. So always consider your audience and profession and design the digital business card accordingly.

4. Show Your Social Life

The last rule of designing attractive visiting cards is to keep room for more information. Did you know that social media profiles are the new ways of understanding a person, their thoughts, perspectives, experience, skills, etc?

Create a digital visiting card online that allows you to add your social media profile links and lets your connections know you better. Make sure you add only those profiles that you are active on.


Following the above full-proof rules for creating an effective online digital business card can lead you to successful networking and a career as well. If you think creating such a card is going to take a lot of time and effort, let us surprise you! tribed.me is an online virtual business card platform that allows you to add all details along with the features mentioned above. Click here to know more.